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adalith labs - fractional product, technology and organizational leadership

adalith labs staff have been helping companies bring technology and products to life for over a decade.  We have:

  • helped multiple companies build and launch new products across multiple markets and verticals

  •  grown organizations from 2 - 50

  • led agile process adoption

  • led security policy and compliance efforts

See below for more info - we'd love to help you grow your product, audience and company.

Tech and Product Leadership

We love working with companies on high level product, organization and team development.  Navigating initiatives in these areas is complex, especially for early stage companies.  We've seen a lot and love to help clarify goals and prioritize objectives.

Product and Technical Services

  • Technology and product vision, strategy and roadmap

  • Architecture and design

  • Implementation reviews

Organizational Strategy

  • Capital allocation, ROI evaluation and budgeting

  • Vendor selection, contract review

  • Key Performance Metrics definition

Team Building

  • Staff / team selection

  • Technical and Product team management

  • Methodology coaching

Get in Touch

Send me a note using the form, or  book a free 20 minute session to meet up and discuss how I can help you, your company, or your products.  

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