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Hi - I'm Jack.  I've been a CTO for about 10 years across a few startups in EdTech, B2B and B2C spaces.  I've led my teams in creating products driving company growth from proof-of-concept through successful series A raises.  I provide Organization, Product and Team consulting services such as:

  • Cost-efficient Incubation and development of products.

  • Gap analysis between feature sets and markets to drive product market fit.

  • Assessment of existing teams and relationships to ensure that onshore / offshore development teams are correctly tasked, managed and scaled.

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more about me

I've been involved in technology product development for so long I remember things like Win32, COM, AppleEvents and Metrowerks.  Frustrated by constantly implementing tiny Web sites during the first boom, I led a team that wound up creating what would today be recognized as a blogging platform, and included a simple ORM layer.  This wound up getting bought by a media company, and like so many cool things from the boom, shelved.  I went from there to working on a programming language development kit, which then led to a gig doing financial and supply chain Web applications for food service companies including Subway and Coke.  Around this time, I started leading off-shore and distributed development teams, which has been super-rewarding.  My first internationally distributed team built a quality management system for Subway.  I used that background in supply chain Web apps to help launch a company focused on supply chain visibility applications for the bicycle industry.  This company was ultimately not successful and I learned a lot about including things like usage and adoption costs when modeling company financials.  From there, I took a break from leadership, and spent a year or so coding Ruby on Rails applications and services in San Francisco, after which I was recruited to join Namecoach as its CTO and product leader.  NameCoach was in the vanguard of DEI initiatives in the higher ed market and supported countless students and faculty through 100's of commencement events, and 100,000's of courses.  My team launched a set of corporate products integrating with tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Outlook, Slack and Chrome, supporting corporate DEI efforts in companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Salesforce and 2u.  In 2022, I stepped away from active work at NameCoach to advise and work on various projects which are detailed elsewhere here.

If you're still reading, thanks!  In addition to stuff described here, I'm currently focused on continuing my own technical education, raising teenagers, and walking our puppy.  In addition to this stuff, I love to travel, and I've been a lifelong climber, though indoor-only at this point.


I always love to learn more about product offerings and services, happy to discuss more about my background and happy to talk about writing or speaking opportunities.  Feel free to book me here, or ping me via email.

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