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Here are some of our ongoing projects.  Contact us for more details on these or previous completed projects.

Nolodex - ongoing

The Nolodex platform aims to support communities and groups by removing friction related to referral management and payments.  Adalith labs is providing product and project management as new versions of the platform are defined and released.  We are also performing architecture reviews, infrastructure reviews and testing services, as well as working with Nolodex on and ongoing basis on internal organizational processes and tooling. 


Scan and Play - ongoing

Scan and Play is a solution providing a simple way for schools to create media assets that can be used during commencement ceremonies.  It consists of a Web site for asset creation and generates a Powerpoint slide show that can be controlled by scanning QR codes as students cross the stage during their ceremony.  Services provided by adalith include architecture, implementation and product roadmap.  The implementation uses various AWS offerings, e.g. Lambda, Aurora, and is implemented using NodeJS.

democracy GPS - ongoing

democracy GPS is a non-profit helping policy stakeholders understand compromise within constituent groups.  Adalith Labs is helping with product definition and identifying product market fit. 

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